Fruits are generally not a good idea to eat if you’re trying to lose weight because of the sugar they contain. The fibre helps mitigate the effects of the sugar, but if you’re drinking a fruit juice (that doesn’t have any fibre), you’re not helping yourself lose weight at all.

So then what is this magical fruit that can help you burn belly fat?


Oranges are packed with fat-burning essentials, making them one of the best and most delicious fruits to help you burn belly fat. Better yet, this fruit is highly abundant during winter, so you can help yourself to a nice orange by a fireplace.

Without further ado, here’s how oranges can help you lose weight:

Oranges contain low calories, but are packed with nutrients, fibre, and vitamin C, having similar effects on your body as lemons or grapefruit. Furthermore, they help promote healthy skin and reduce the chance of certain diseases. The best part about oranges is that they are very filling, meaning you won’t be as hungry as much = won’t want to eat = won’t gain extra weight. In fact, studies suggest that an orange can be more filling than having 4 croissants or 2 muesli bars… that’s a lot of snacks! And of course they are perfect if you want to have something sweet, because what better dessert is there than an orange?! Some studies also show that oranges can boost metabolism, which of course can lead to better weight loss.

Aside from the weight loss benefits, research suggests than an orange has more than 170 different phytochemicals and 60 flavonoids, which contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This means that they can help you reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, while promoting healthy and clear skin.

Let’s move on to some other questions you might have about oranges.

How many calories do oranges have?

A large orange contains 85 calories, according to the USDA. But these are “healthy” calories because as mentioned earlier, oranges also contain fibre, protein, potassium, magnesium, vitamin E, and much, much more. In daily percentage requirement terms, that means one orange contains about 130% of your daily vitamin C requirement, 6% of your daily calcium requirement, and 2% of your daily vitamin A requirement.

How to use oranges for weight loss

Despite having so many health benefits and no evidence that eating oranges can lead to weight gain, you still want to eat them in moderation.

This fruit is very easy to include in your diet, making it so much easier to manage. You can slice them, juice them, add them to your drinks or smoothies, or even chop them up and include in your salads. However as mentioned earlier, eating the whole fruit is healthier than drinking the juice, so try to stay away from those if possible.

Make sure that you keep your oranges at room temperature and away from sunlight… even though they’re as orange as the sun.

In conclusion, just eating oranges won’t get rid of all your fat, but adding oranges to your meals as part of a balanced diet can really help you lose some weight.

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